Stay for family reasons: what you need to know

There is talk of a residence permit for family reasons for giving a particular documentation to foreigners. This Italian legal figure arises from the will of the state to defend the family unit even for foreigners who are resident in Italy regularly. The right to obtain family reunification has the members of the family, specifically the spouse, provided that they are not separated or minors, dependent children and adults, as well as dependent parents who do not have other children in the country of origin. What can you ask info about residency visa Italy


 The residence permit in question can be requested by all the family members of the non-EU citizen who have exercised the right to family reunification or the entry of family members in tow with a foreign citizen residing in Italy (to family members of non-EU citizens of Italian or EU citizens a residence card will instead be issued); It can also be requested by a foreigner who has been holding a residence permit for at least a year and who is marrying a regularly residing foreign citizen. 

The same applies to those who have familiarity on Italian soil with a foreign citizen in possession of the requisites for family reunification within one year from the expiry of his / her title (In the event of release in favor of the family member of a person holding refugee status, from the possession of a regular residence permit). It also belongs to the foreign parent, even natural, of an Italian minor, even if the foreigner is irregular, as well as to the relative within the second degree of Italian citizen (pds for family reasons ex art 19, 286/98 – ex art 28, 394 / 99) 


After arriving in Italy, and having reached their family member, the subject must go to the Sportello Unico to which the application for a permit has been sent together with the family member with a residence permit. This step is a must to verify the correctness of the visa, so that we can then deliver a pre-filled form for the residence permit request to be sent with a special envelope through the Post Offices enabled at the Administrative Services Center in Rome (based on the Protocol between Italian Post and Ministry of the Interior in force since 11 December 2006). 


 The application presented at the counter must be accompanied by a stamp duty of € 16.00. You must also present the receipt of the payment of € 30.46 for the issue of residence permits in electronic format. We must not forget the payment of € 30.00 at the post office counter for shipping costs;