Five Different Types of Web Hosting to host your Website

Depending on your level of expertise, internet hosting, which is the undertaking of developing websites and internet pages handy for many users can be either easy size. In this article, we will discover the unique types of accommodation. While all of them the kinds of hosting act as a storage place for your WordPress website, wherever they differ is that the demand for technical information, amount of storage capability, control, and server speed and reliability. These are the six types of web hosting, you will most often through:

1) Shared hosting   

This is a website hosting on a shared server. Many bloggers and small business owners choose the type of web hosting because it was very cheap. However, this could be a bad choice on the UX. SEO your website achieve great quality when your website is running fast. Since you are sharing your server, it can slow down your website. It was cheap ($ 5- $ 10 per month) and is perfect if you are using a server for a simple goal. This is a less costly and easy choice if you are just starting a web site, it will now not use it often, or run a small blog. If you wish you’d get a lot of large use of the website, choose to host an excessive-quality.

2)  (VPS) Virtual Private Server Hosting

This type of hosting stands for a VPS Server Hosting. VPS style of hosting may be a step higher than the shared net hosting. Once a web site outgrows their set up along, it’s common for house owners to upgrade to VPS. With a virtual private server, your web site can still be sharing one server with different websites. However, the number of sites you will share with significantly lower. Although the primary server is shared with other websites, your website will have the resources dedicated to the VPS.

3) Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated servers are top of the line in web hosting. As the name implies, you will have a dedicated server that is yours and yours alone. It is the most expensive type of web hosting but comes with additional benefits the website is hosted on a dedicated server Hosting has full technical control over server settings. You choose the software, configuration, and anything else you need. If you get a dedicated server, you must expect an awfully high level of the time period and lightning-fast loading speed. You do not have to worry about traffic from other sites affects your performance.

4) Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a new type of web hosting. It can also be called a higher version of the VPS, but more cost-effective. Cloud hosting comes with multiple remote servers. If one of the servers is interrupted or has a problem, the other servers on the network will take over their responsibilities and take the slack. That makes cloud web hosting such an interesting alternative to Dedicated web hosting. With a cloud server, your website will have a higher uptime rate and will not have a lot of unexpected downtime due to server error. Your site will remain fluid and performing at a high level. The best part about cloud web hosting is its scalability. With Dedicated hosting, there is always a constant dilemma between server resources and price. You do not want to pay more for a plan with resources that you will never use, but at the same time, you do not want to exceed the resources of the lower plan and negatively affect the performance of your website.

At times, you will experience a surge or spike to the site-you is great news. You just need to make sure you plan to accommodate traffic. That’s why cloud hosting is the main solution to this dilemma. The best cloud hosting plan allows you to scale your resources as per your needs. You pay for what you use, and you can always adjust these resources in your admin dashboard.

5) WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is another very specific types of web hosting. As you can probably imagine from the name, it was intended to websites using WordPress as a CMS. In simple terms, WordPress hosting is basically a web hosting that has been optimized for WordPress. The best WordPress hosting comes with a one-click WordPress installation as well. WordPress hosting which usually has added security designed specifically for web sites running on WordPress. Because WordPress is a CMS that is most commonly used throughout the world, these sites are a higher risk for cybercrime.

You will usually see two types of WordPress hosting offered by the provider.

  • Together with WordPress hosting
  • Managed to host WordPress

Together WordPress hosting works in the same way as regular shared hosting, except perhaps pre-installed WordPress. Managed WordPress hosting that provides added benefits such as enhanced security, caching servers, staging, and faster load speeds.